Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2T2- Air Transportation

The job I chose with the Air Force Reserve is Air Transportation. One of the reasons I chose that particular job is because of the financial benefits that come with it. The job comes with an enlistment bonus, plus Uncle Sam will put money towards my federal student loans. Even if I don't switch over to Active Duty, it will be nice to have assistance in paying off loans. Also, the job description sounded interesting, although it's a bit ironic that I had to switch from active duty to the Air Force Reserve in order to get a job that deals with airplanes.

As I currently am lacking in first hand experience regarding Air Transportation, the following is the job description as listed on

"Career Description
You have to get the beans and the bullets to the troops, and Air Transportation specialists do just that. From food, water and medical supplies to HUMVEEs and helicopters, you'll be responsible for securely packing cargo so that it can be loaded and transported safely and quickly. And since the Air Force has bases around the world, you could easily find yourself doing your job overseas.

Career Tasks
  • Inspect aircraft cargo and mail to verify eligibility and proper documentation, packaging and marking
  • Determine quantity and type of cargo to be loaded according to allowable aircraft cabin load
  • Select and palletize loads and coordinate with air transportation clearance authority on diversion of cargo
  • Load and unload aircraft using materials handling and loading equipment
  • Review travel documentation for validity and accuracy and check in passengers and baggage."

Basically I will be assisting with loading and unloading passengers & cargo. Some people claim this isn't that great of a job, but I think a lot of it is based upon what you make of it. As I learn more about the job, and get some experience I will make sure to give a first hand account as an Air-Trans specialist.


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